Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Bombay Royale - Sote Sote Adhi Raat 7"

You're going to like this one.
The Bombay Royale are a Melbourne band dedicated to honouring and reviving the funky, bizarre and mysterious music of vintage Indian cinema. Dusting off near-unheard relics, smashing out Bollywood classics and putting down surfadelic Hindi originals is all in a day’s work. This band brings the sound of the Golden Age of Bollywood back to the future, where it belongs.

The A side is absolutely killer - those synths totally blowing my mind... More please.

The Bombay Royale

Hope Street Recordings

Vinyl rip at 320 from 7" Single.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Black - Wonderful Life 7"

I've always loved this track.

Colin Vearncombe is much underrated as far as I'm concerned.

This reminds me of attending a house party at an impossibly glamorous friend of a friend who lived in Stoke Newington. Before I moved down to London, I made a brace of exploratory visits, each one convincing me more and more that I had be down there. The land of a gig every night and women and women and women. I'd already bought this record on a trip to see a friend who was doing media studies at Liverpool Poly. I thought this was incredible. "What? You get to study films, and newspapers? And then get a degree?"

On one of my initial visits to London, I attended a Smash Hits party with David Hepworth and Mark Ellen in attendance. There was a "smokers" room I seem to recall, but I was far too young, wide eyed and innocent to participate. I just got pissed on cider and tried to cop off with the girl from Cherry Red records. She was having none of it, unfortunately. I later found out she was going out with Louis Philippe, so I couldn't really compare with that could I?

I'm rambling. Back at the Stoke Newington party, I arrived after a visit to the Virgin Megastore and HMV on Oxford Street. I couldn't fucking believe that there were record shops which stocked EVERYTHING. I bought "Wonderful Life" again on the 12" reissue, as this initial release on Ugly Man Records had pretty much bombed.

Always clued up musically, I felt ahead of the game as I played the twelve to the assembled throng. The gays and women loved it. The men, less so.

I had already fallen in love with London and it was a matter of mere weeks before I boarded the train South to seek out a flat in Battersea, renting a room from a mad woman who played percussion: both in an orchestra and on her CD player. Many's the time I arrived home to the sound of an African drum ensemble.

I have a picture somewhere of me at that party which I should dig out for you. I think you'd like it.

Vinyl rip from the original single release at 320 Kbps. A bit of surface noise, but still worth it.

Wonderful Life.

EDIT: Brilliant update from friend of the blog, Bicksvilla.

"Back in the dim distant student days I used to "borrow" a students Union minibus under the guise of official ENTS Ctte business and earn a bit of extra cash doing bits and pieces for various Liverpool bands. I used to drive Black about and one cold autumn day I was booked by Black's manager at the time (Mike Gaunt) to take the band up to Blackpool for the filming of the Saturday morning kid's TV show on ITV called "It's Wicked" (which was presented by Jake Abrahams - another Scouser who ran a pub round the corner from where I lived at the time), We had to go up on the Friday night as filming was early Saturday morning. We stayed in the Norbreck Castle hotel and I was booked in under the pseudonym Tom Bassey (under which name I got junk mail from said hotel for years!) - the reason for the name was Mike couldn't remember my real name but knew it was something Welsh. Anyway filming was over and we were to head straight back to Liverpool, unfortunately the weather was now awful, gale force winds and driving rain but I had to get back to Liverpool in a hurry, I think we had a gig at the uni that we needed the van for, so I drove back to Liverpool in terrible conditions and most probably way over the speed limit. Colin Vearncombe was lying down in the back of the minibus with a coat over his head, not being able to cope with the speed I was driving in the condidtions. He let it be known that I was never to drive them anywhere ever again. Bit of a big girl's blouse was Colin..."

My favourite bit of detail from that is the name of the TV show, which appears to have been a BBC affair rather than an ITV prog...

DJ Shadow - Preemptive Strike

A gathering of early Shadow tracks, which is worth the price admission for "What Does Your Soul Look Like (Parts 1-4)".

I haven't heard the new album yet. I've resisted so far as I bought the last one and thought it was shit. Any reviews from the Castles Massive?


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Beyond The Wizards Sleeve - West

They saved the best till last. "West" is my favourite BTWS album. Again presented here in a brand new rip with full vinyl porn artwork.

As it's been a good few years, I'm assuming that alas, there will be no more from Team BTWS. Richard continues to make great music in a similar vein as The Time And Space Machine, while Erol Alkan is all across the current club scene. Check out his website for more details.

Vinyl rip at 320 Kbps.


Beyond The Wizards Sleeve - George

The third album is better than the last, and has the brilliant "Electric Bananas" as the centrepiece.

Red splatter vinyl.

Vinyl rip at 320 Kbps.


Beyond The Wizards Sleeve - Spring

The second transmission from planet BTWS is great, while perhaps not quite achieving the same levels of trance-en-mentalness as the first album.

Highlights include the psyche-out money shot of "Words" and the horrible hippy tweefest of the John Peel sampling "The Perfumed Garden".

Clear/blue splatter vinyl.

Vinyl rip at 320 Kbps.


Beyond The Wizards Sleeve - Birth

I've had a request to repost a couple of things by BTWS from a friend of the blog, Marc.

As this stuff is utterly wonderful and has always proved quite popular with "the heads", I thought it might be time for a refresh of their entire oeuvre. So, you know, why the fuck not?

Kicking off with their awesome d├ębut, pressed on baby pink vinyl, we have the mighty "Birth".

Setting out their stall for the psychedelic/dance crossover like nobody else before or since, Erol and Richard deliver a MASSIVE hotch-potch of lost psyche gems infused with a thoroughly moderne dancefloor sensibility.

This one is quite difficult to find now, so spark up a jazz cigarette and get on down, pop pickers.

Vinyl rip at 320 Kbps.


Yachts - Look Back In Love (Not In Anger) 7"

Right. I've got a lot to get through today, so get out of my way. I'm kicking off with this brilliant third single from the wonderful post punkers, Yachts. I wonder what Wikipedia has to say about them?
The group was formed by art students in Liverpool in April 1977 out of an earlier band, known variously as 'Albert Dock' or 'Albert and the Cod Warriors', who had supported the Sex Pistols on one of their infamous early gigs the previous year.

The band originally consisted of Bob Bellis (drums, vocals); John (J.J.) Campbell (vocals); Martin Dempsey (bass guitar, vocals) (later replaced by first Ray "Chopper" Cooper, then Mick Shiner and finally Glyn Havard); Henry Priestman (born Henry Christian Priestman, 21 July 1955, Hull, and brought up in Liverpool) (vocals, keyboards); and Martin Watson (guitar, vocals).

They played their first show (as ‘Yachts’) at Eric's nightclub in Liverpool, supporting Elvis Costello. This led to a recording contract with Stiff Records, where they released one single, the witty and self-referential "Suffice To Say", written by Priestman and Campbell and produced by Will Birch. They also released a novelty single, "Do The Chud", as the Chuddy Nuddies.

With label mates Costello and Nick Lowe, they then joined the newly formed Radar label. On 9 October 1978, a few weeks after releasing "Look Back in Love (Not Anger)", their first single on Radar, the band recorded the first of two sessions at Maida Vale 4 studio, for John Peel at BBC Radio 1. The tracklisting was "Hits", "Yachting Types", "Look Back In Love", and "Then And Now". (The band’s second session was recorded in June 1979).

The band recorded their debut LP in New York with producer Richard Gottehrer. One reviewer raved that “[the Yachts have] got this cool cheesy (sic) keyboard sound with a nice chunky guitar underneath and in addition to being catchy tunes, their songs have hysterically funny lyrics, like "Yachting Type", where the guy's girl runs off with a yachtsman, or "Mantovani's Hits", which hypothesizes a rock and roll world where Elvis records hadn't been hits but Mantovani's had, or "Box 202", where the guy's girl is killed in an airplane crash so he puts out a classified ad to look for a replacement. The others deal with romance in equally oddball ways, but always rocking and always catchy as hell”.

They toured in the U.S. and Europe with Joe Jackson and The Who, and released a second album with producer Martin Rushent. Both albums were released by Polydor in the U.S.

Campbell left the group in 1978, and Dempsey departed in 1980. Dempsey became a member of Pink Military; and Campbell helped to found It's Immaterial. Yachts finally split up in 1981. Priestman, who for a time was a member of both Yachts and Bette Bright & the Illuminations, then went on to join It's Immaterial, Wah! and, most notably, The Christians, more recently working as a producer with Mark Owen and Melanie C.

Beautiful blue vinyl too.

Vinyl rip at 320 Kbps.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nest - Body Pilot 10"

Nest are amazing.

Their last album proper, "Retold" was probably my favourite album of 2010. Beautiful, suspended ambient music, but with a true heart of musicality underpinning the floating. The drift of events.

Rain and piano. A throb in your head and a rattle of the windows. Swelling strings ebb and flow. The moon shines brighter for an hour then fades away. You think about your partners; your family; the world. You think about your place in the world. Where you have been and where you are going.

A collaborative project featuring Serein label owner Huw Roberts, based in UK, and Otto A. Totland, one half of the Norwegian Deaf Center. There had to be a Scandinavian in there. The snow, the gales you can feel but can't hear. The isolation.

This recently released 10" fills me with a deep joy. It makes me think that there might be another album on the way. Get the first album here. Let it live with you for a while. I promise you you will return to it, time and again.

As this is a recent release and is still available, this link will only be live for a few days.

Vinyl rip at 320 Kbps.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dennis Brown - Equal Rights 12"

Classic old school reggae from much missed Dennis Brown.

This has one of those lovely clip clop beats that runs through the track like a chilled out horse. Dennis's voice is super sweet and the version on the flipside stirs in a bit additional grooviness.

How could you say "no"?

Vinyl rip at 320 Kbps.


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