Saturday, December 3, 2011

Various - To The Shores Of Lake Placid

Ah, the infamous "To The Shores Of Lake Placid" LP. Catalogue Number Zoo 4.


1. Big In Japan - Society For Cutting Up Men
2. Those Naughty Lumps - Iggy Pop's Jacket
3. The Teardrop Explodes - When I Dream
4. Echo And The Bunnymen - Pictures On My Wall
5. Echo And The Bunnymen - Read It In Books
6. Lori And The Chameleons - Lonely Spy
7. The Turqoise Swimming Pools - The Winds
8. Whopper - Kwalo Klobinsky's Lullaby
9. Dalek (I Love You) - A Suicide
10. The Turquoise Swimming Pools - Burst Balloons
11. The Teardrop Explodes - Camera, Camera
12. Big In Japan - Suicide A Go Go
13. Echo And The Bunnymen - Villiers Terrace
14. The Teardrop Explodes - Take A Chance

Features full artwork with added Julian Cope autographs.

Vinyl rip from original LP at 320 Kbps.


Limited Edition.

This LP is a recent release collecting a load of UK DIY stuff both old and new. It's not always brilliant, but it filled me with a warm glow of nostalgia that this stuff was still getting released. It's pretty authentic too; foldover card cover in a poly bag, hand stamped label and typewritten insert. Brilliant.

It's typically bonkers stuff. There's a mix of lo-fi and very lo-fi, but crucially it all blends together into a fairly seamless whole. There's even a spoken word track!

This is a limited edition of 250 and more info (but not much more) is available from the Savoury Days Blog . Go and give them support - there looks to be a few cool things there.

Again, as this is still available, it's only going to be up on here for a few days.

Link Expired.

Limited Edition.

A Krautrock drone-out future classic.

You need this one in your life. Come back and tell me if I'm wrong.

Brand new and up for two days only.

Link Expired.

Slow Oscillations

Thanks to all for your suggestions. As I'm sticking with Mediafire for now using Chrome for a browser. Issues seem to be definitely relating to a break between Firefox and the redesigned Mediafire upgrade. Onwards.

I've got a few things to post which are new and still available, so I'm only keeping them up for a few days.

First up is this great little single from Steve Moore's Zombi. I've posted some of this stuff up on here before. It's driving synth/prog/italio stuff which always puts a huge smile on my jaded old face. "Slow Oscillations" is one of the better tracks from Zombi's last album "Escape Velocity"). The real joy here though it there is a slightly rougher, but longer demo version on the flip side.

This single is a limited release of 500 copies, which I got from here. There can't be many of these left by now, and it's a lovely package as always from the Static Caravan guys.

Link Expired.

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