Sunday, March 27, 2011

α60 – Exit Ramp Remixes

I got sent a link to these, which are absolutely brilliant. Not available until early April, but on this evidence, worth waiting for.

"Cults of Brasilia follow up last year’s debut release with fresh remixes of α60’s Exit Ramp by Subway (Sunday Best, Soul Jazz Records) and Antoni Maiovvi (Fright Records, Slime Records, Caravan, The Cold Hand).

Soul Jazz favourites Subway deliver a driving, hypnotic mix of techno and cosmic disco influences, perfect for a night drive through a Ballardian cityscape. Meanwhile Italo-futurist Antoni Maiovvi twists Exit Ramp into a relentlessly dramatic soundtrack for an unmade futurist Giallo movie. These remixes are backed up by α60’s arpeggiator-heavy original Italo-Electro mix and new track The Sender which pushes the α60 sound into new, deep minimal territory.

This is essential music for lovers of italo influenced, synth-heavy electronic music, 80s sci-fi horror soundtracks, and fans of Gatekeeper, Ash-Ra Tempel or Goblin.

‘Exit Ramp Remixes’ will be available from all the top digital retailers from April 2010."

Cults Of Brasilia

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Demdike Stare - Osmosis

Demdike Stare have lit up the spooky electronica space over the last year or so like nobody I can remember. A slew of great, atmospheric albums have continued to be on heavy rotation here at Micron Towers since they appeared. Beautifully packaged and with an obvious attention to detail from folks who know their way around making haunting, affecting music.

Although ostensibly featuring other material, this mix CD is broadly the same as one of their own records, as they heavily utilise vinyl records unearthed from the four corners of the earth and weave them into their dark northern excursions for their headfuck dub sound.

It's pretty unclassifiable, but anyone interested in the bleaker corners of electronic dub music should get a kick out of this.

Osmosis indeed.

Get more here.

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Black Label, Black Sleeve

My rip from vinyl at 320 Kbps
No artwork

First post to be ripped and recorded using new turntable, so any feedback about rip quality or problems most welcome.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's Immaterial - Life's Hard And Then You Die

A terrific piece of work which seems to exist in and of itself. The primary example in a field of one. Who else ever sounded like this? Massively individual and self contained, this record is one of my favourite albums. Some might find it a difficult first listen, But as with all great works, it reveals itself over time as the nuances unravel layer after layer. Just two men and a Yamaha DX7.

It's daft to try and pinpoint the highlights, as it works completely as a whole. You will probably already know "Driving Away From Home", but that's just one of the many stand-outs. I love "Space" and "Rope" but the extended version of "Ed's Funky Diner" (included here as a bonus track) is just sublime. Lyrically ingenious and musically complex, perhaps deceptively so, this just works on every level.

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The Music Library

The Music Library is an absolutely fantastic book featuring the artwork from 300+ library music albums. Compiled by Jonny Trunk, who really, really knows about this stuff. This is a truly beautiful artefact.

I haven't gone to the trouble of trying to capture the images in the book, as this is a delight which really needs to be experienced via the medium of holding it in your hands and looking at it. You know what I mean.

The good news is that this comes with CD of library music expertly selected by Trunk, which achieves the dual purpose of being both a solid introduction and yet highly desirable collection of the genre in it's own right.

Limited copies still available here. It's worth it, I promise.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Prins Thomas Live At Robert Johnson

Cracking live set from the king of the Diskomiks which was released on a tiny run CD issue.

Robert Johnson is a Deutsch clubnite apparently, although information on the CD is minimal. It may even be unofficial. Don't ask me. I scored my copy from Discogs, from where you can check out the tracklist here. What the Discogs page doesn't convey is the uber grooviness, expert track selection and mix.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Peter Tosh - Peace Treaty 10"

Recently discovered 10" single from roots heavyweight and Marley cohort, Peter Tosh. I don't know much about this, but I know quality when I hear it. The flipside tackles "Johnny B. Goode" with aplomb and verve.

Vinyl rip from 10" single. It's a beautiful thing.

"When they signed that peace treaty, I told them it would not worky-worky". Come on. It's genius isn't it. You could always rely on this proper reggae to have a political viewpoint. I, for one, never get tired of this stuff.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Tropic Of Cancer - Be Brave 10"

Oooh, look out! We've got a live one.

This thing of beauty is next-level Eighties throwback industrialism. And for the sake of into-the-red authenticity it features a Richard H. Kirk remix on the flip which dulls it all down to maximum effect. Watch out for that drum box at 2:55. This could easily be a vintage Cabs track. Yes, you heard me correctly, Doctor.

Meanwhile over on the main attraction A Side, we have obscure(d) distorto vocals and a thudding rhythm which will invoke the ghosts of Clan Of Xymox and Cabaret Voltaire (again) for you. This is seriously great stuff.

Highest recommendation for this baby.

This is the duo of John Mendez (Silent Servant) and Camella Lobo and previous to this they did a corking 10" called 'The Dull Age' which I've caned a fair bit so when this dropped I was twitching with excitement. It totally hits the spot too with a delicious post-industrial/new-wave/goth darkness emanating from the grooves. The barely decipherable vocals add an extra dimension of mystery to proceedings and the drum machines drive it along at a sweet sluggish pace backed up by a classy bassline from Lobo, with both members providing shards of crystal electronics. Searching the recesses of my frazzled brain for an old skool comparison, Brian throws in a more contemporary reference with his "slower Soft Moon" suggestion. A beautiful track indeed and given a good splicing on the flip by Sheffield's finest, Richard H Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire!!!!!!) working the groove into a more linear track with emphasis on repetition and a low, throbbing, droney bottom end. Slowly building, it's a masterclass in hypnotic electronics. Limited clear numbered vinyl and probably wont hang around for too long. Love it.

Vinyl rip at 320 Kbps.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Human League - Into The Night

New track from upcoming Human League album, "Credo". Phil sounds in fine voice...

Into The Night

Monday, March 7, 2011

Thomas Fehlman - Gute Luft: Original Soundtrack From The 24H BERLIN TV Documentary

Wonderfully pretty soundtrack wares from long serving soldier, Thomas Fehlman. Fehlman has been involved in some of my favourite records like, ever (The Orb's peak period), and this one follows in the tradition of his wonderfully detailled, yet bouncy techno sound, which situates itself on the borders of home listening and going out noise.
Thomas Fehlmann's sixth solo album, his first in three years, also doubles as an OST to the historical '24H Berlin' documentary. Fehlmann is a fitting character to provide musical accompaniment to the project, whose remit was to document a whole day in the life of Berlin, in real time. All 24hours of the film were screened back in september 2008, but since then he saw fit to revisit the tracks and edit them as a standalone album, commenting that "There are also more subtle connections that should give an overall feel to the score. I also brought in elements of tunes from my previous albums in recognition of the fact that I often feel that there would be so many more ways to explore and experiment with certain ideas than just on a single track". In true Fehlmann style this sound is laden with beautifully fluffy electronics at the edges while driven by a mature and refined rhythm motor of classic Detroit/Berlin engineering. He circulates warm and luxurious melodies through this arrangement, encapsulating the spirit of the last 25 years of Berlin history in streamlined, efficient and positive movements, finding that sweet spot between tempered euphoria and wistful melancholy. Fans of the classic Kompakt pop-ambient sound or those looking for a soundtrack to their next weekend sojourn in the city should make some time for this.

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Linkwood - System

Awesome Scottish house music album from last year, which has now sold out as far as I can tell. This uses all of the classic tricks yet adds a beautifully individual twist. Anyone in the market for a bit of Detroit inspired moderne will find much to love here. Neu disco heads should also get involved as there are a couple of bangers which will put a huge smile on your face. It's all about the keys on this one. Incredible.

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Gary Numan - Berserker 12"

A progression from the Ultravox/Kraftwerk/Bowie early albums. This is sounding awesome. I think this was the last thing of his I bought following the Thatcher revelations. Poor fucker. A PR would never let that happen these days.

Anyway, at this remove, I think we treated him rather shabbily. This stands up.

Vinyl rip at 320Kbps

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The Human League - (Keep Feeling) Fascination 12"

This 12" issue of classic League track is the one to seek out and indeed, while carrying the flaming torch of the "League Unlimited Orchestra" album into the "Hysteria" campaign, it verily shits from a great height all over the album version.

Although the extended mix is very, very good, the one on which to focus your attention is the "Improvisation" mix, which is properly bonkers and all the better for it. I think this was Martin Rushent's last gasp with the band, but what a way to go.

Ex-Rezillo Jo Callis was still on board and not only providing the music, but also assisting with the vocal duties. I reckon this was their last truly great single for a long, long time. Check out the wonky riff, which I find slightly suffocating on the standard version. Here, it is somehow diminished to greater effect. Less is, if you will, more.

I love the cover of this as well; "Look! We're suddenly a fun-loving band of great mates" (Subtext - we fucking hate each other and success has ruined us).

Vinyl rip at 320 Kbps.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Luke Abbott - Trans Forest Alignment 12"

Luke Abbott's "Holkham Drones" was one of my favourite albums from last year. He specialises in throbbing, slipstreamed, autobahn-ready techno with real depth and attention to detail. It's also deceptively groovy.

This latest single features key "Holkham Drones" track, "Trans Forest Alignment" in original and remixed form. The Rocket Number Nine remix is brilliant, but this is a killer EP with no duffers. New track "A Caucus Race" keeps the quality extremely high with a wobbling bed upon which sits a delightful concentration of twinkles and whooshes. You seriously need to get hold of the album.

This is still available so it will only be up here for a few days.

Vinyl rip at 320 Kbps.

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Go here.

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