Sunday, January 29, 2012

Disney nickelodeons Alyson Michalka




Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Orb - Blue Room FLAC

As an experiment, I've uploaded a FLAC copy of The Orb's "Blue Room" over at Spinster's Rock.

I keep threatening to move this blog over to the Wordpress site, but it doesn't seem to be sparking much enthusiasm from you people.

Do me a favour and let me know:

1. Should I move the blog over to the Wordpress site?
2. Is there any appetite for more FLAC stuff?

Ta, Chuck.

Blue Room FLAC at Spinster's Rock.

Two Mixes

100% Silk Mix mixed by Sir Stephen.


The Dub Vault featuring the Blood And Fire Allstars. Mixed by Pendle Coven and Dom Blood And Fire.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Steve Moore - Horror Business

Heads up, arpeggio fans!

CiS favourite, Steve Moore has a new mini album up on Bandcamp. The soundtrack (apparently) to a documentary about independent horror movie producers/directors, this is a short, but wonderful piece of work. 11 tracks of Italio horrorcore served on a lush bed of analogue swirls with a neo-prog jus. Get on board.

It's five bucks for goodness sake. Bargainmoungous.

Horror Business.

If you remain unconvinced, hear more Steve here.

Ekoplekz/Drvg Cvltvre - snug life 7"

Weirdly, I had this one lined up to post, just as a request came in from friend of the blog m.m asking if I had a copy. Ker-ching!
*Strictly limited copies - just 100 of these have been made* Promising new imprint Snug Life finally kick-start their run of limited releases with a two-track 45 of blasted post-industrial beat-offs by Ekoplekz and Drvg Cvltvre. The label are proposing a series of 7", CD and DVD releases from the likes of Leyland Kirby, Cosmic Dennis Greenridge and Vindicatrix and more in coming months, and if this one is anything to go by, the quality of tunes and curation should be impressive. First up, with 'Like Cattle You Run' Drvg Cvltvre (fka Ra-X) hits a sodden rut of effluent electronics on sounding like KPLR-meets-Madteo deep under the influence of some untested Dutch pharmaceuticals. Flipside Ekoplekz's 'So Allein Replekz' inversion is far more destroyed, extruding your third ear thru flanging, echoic chamber dub noise sounding somewhere between Kevin Drumm and something off Laurel Halo's 'Antenna' tape.

Apparently this is still available from here. I'm amazed that these are hanging around, as I thought that this would fly out. Perhaps it's just a littte bit TOO obscure?

Ekoplekz had an amazing year last year, releasing a slew of brilliantly fractured dubwise electronica with a post-industrial twist accross a bewildering array of labels and formats. I recommend that you get hold of anything - it's all fantastic. Follow his adventures in sound here.

Vinyl rip at 320 Kbps.


Julian Cope - East Easy Rider & Head Remixes: 2x12"

The boxes are looking a bit bashed up, alas, but the vinyl is sounding in remarkably good nick.

We have here the remaining Cope "baggy" remixes by Hugo Nicholson as lifted from the "Peggy Suicide" album. These are also available digitally on the Dancing Heads CD and latterly on the monstrous balls up that was the Peggy Suicide Deluxe Edition which appeared a few years ago. Following on from the "Jehovahkill" Deluxe Edition, which is widely regarded as featuring the worst remastering job EVER and which renders it pretty much unlistenable; Island Records should hang their collective heads in shame. What a way to treat two of the finest UK rock albums ever released.

Anyway, following a recent request for these tracks, I thought I'd dig out the original vinyl editions and include the full vinyl porn artwork.

After all these years, I still love this stuff. Cope was untouchable around this time and although I'm mightily glad he's still around, ploughing his own furrow and releasing interesting music, it seems unlikely that he's ever going to do anything which touches the sparkly genius of this this stuff again. That last Head Heritage album comprising two bikers grunting and shouting in prehistoric chambers is possibly the worst record I've ever heard. I still bought it though...

My favourite track among this lot is the wonderful groove which is "Ravebury Stones". The soundtrack to many a comedown.

Vinyl rips at 320 Kbps.


Monday, January 2, 2012

White Savage Dance

Utterly fantastic early works from Karl O'Connor, better known these days as Regis.

I've been playing this to death over the last few weeks and am loving the early industrial vibe a la Cabaret Voltaire/Robert Rental/DAF etc etc.

Still available here, so this one will only be up for a few days.

Vinyl rip at 320 Kbps.

Link Expired.

The Grid - Floatation (Prins Thomas Miks) 10"

The Grid's signature track gets a typically lovely and sensitive treatment from the genius that is Prins Thomas. This appeared just before Christmas on a one sided 10" single and has been getting serious punishment over the holiday period.

Vinyl rip at 320 Kbps.


Julian Cope - Love L.U.V. 12"


I hope you all had a good time. My New Year's Eve was eventful. I didn't/couldn't get out of bed until 15:45 on New Year's day due to an appalling hangover. The consequence of mixing wine, champagne, moscow mules and port. Just imagine the state of my poor shrunken brain-sac after THAT assault.

As I stumbled through the remaining part of the day this remix of Cope's "Beautiful Love" kept echoing around my broken head - a fractured memory of the previous evening's soundtrack. I have a vague recollection of standing on a chair, throwing shapes and grinning like a fool to the huge embarrassment of my daughter. This killer tune has become a party staple round these parts, as it's a guaranteed living room floor filler for those of a certain age. Us fortysomethings just can't resist that baggy beat. It stirs something within our hive conciousness and black-holes us back to shared memories of clubbing and drugging days now passed.

Back to work tomorrow. *sigh*

Fresh rip from vintage pink vinyl.
320 Kbps.
All artwork included.


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