Monday, January 2, 2012

Julian Cope - Love L.U.V. 12"


I hope you all had a good time. My New Year's Eve was eventful. I didn't/couldn't get out of bed until 15:45 on New Year's day due to an appalling hangover. The consequence of mixing wine, champagne, moscow mules and port. Just imagine the state of my poor shrunken brain-sac after THAT assault.

As I stumbled through the remaining part of the day this remix of Cope's "Beautiful Love" kept echoing around my broken head - a fractured memory of the previous evening's soundtrack. I have a vague recollection of standing on a chair, throwing shapes and grinning like a fool to the huge embarrassment of my daughter. This killer tune has become a party staple round these parts, as it's a guaranteed living room floor filler for those of a certain age. Us fortysomethings just can't resist that baggy beat. It stirs something within our hive conciousness and black-holes us back to shared memories of clubbing and drugging days now passed.

Back to work tomorrow. *sigh*

Fresh rip from vintage pink vinyl.
320 Kbps.
All artwork included.



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